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Everything I know about having babies the hard way I learned from Orson Scott Card

At bottom, the Ender's Shadow quartet is the almost humorously prosaic tale of the two smartest people in the world trying to have babies without letting a genetic disorder getting in the way. ⇰ Continue Reading

Our big fat book-themed wedding

Move over, Diana and Scott: there's a new book-themed wedding in town! Now that the wedding is over, we would like to share all the awesome bits of book-themed paraphernalia we created, acquired, or had designed for us. ⇰ Continue Reading

Day of Rest

“Does society need a mandatory time-out?” asks an article in The Atlantic. I am drawn to the notion of the Sabbath, albeit secular, for a number of reasons, not just thanks to my recent conversion to Judaism. ⇰ Continue Reading

Music not-top ten

A little meme I picked up from Rachel yesterday. I’ve had this post ready since yesterday (because I love to talk about music), but am only posting it now because YOU CAN LOSE A LOT OF POTENTIALLY OTHERWISE MORE PRODUCTIVE TIME LISTENING TO EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST. Be careful. You’ve been warned. ⇰ Continue Reading